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Fairview Church of Christ
All we offer is "Uncomplicated Christianity!"
Sometimes Less is More!

 That's right. We believe sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to serving God. The church we read of in the Bible was very simple in it's beginning and was never intended to become a complicated organization. In it's beginning, the church was made up of men and women, Christians, who shared a spiritual relationship, into which they entered by means of baptism. The church we read of in the Bible was not complicated by creeds, governing boards, institutions, social clubs or other modern additions. Rather, the New Testament church, both as individual Christians and as a congregation of Christians, looked to Christ as their head and the teachings of the apostles as their rule of faith. That was all!
    The New Testament pattern of worship is followed with the First Century Church as our example. We sing, pray, teach, commune and give of our means as God has prospered us. No Visitor is coerced at any time, in any way.
    The singing is congregational without the aid of instrumental music. All are invited to sing; 1 Cor. 14:15. It is soul stirring and spiritually uplifting to sing praises to our God and Savior.
    Prayers are offered without display. It is simple prayer, audibly spoken by one man as others silently pray along with him. Our prayers are from the heart, not from a book.    continue...


The Nature of the Church -
The Bride of the Church

The Church Building

One might ask, “What is the nature of the church?” I think this is a very good question to ask, and one that most people do not know the answer to. I also think the best way to address this question, is to first point out what the church is NOT.

  • The church is NOT just some building that we go to every Easter and Christmas.
  • The church is NOT a place for recreation.
  • The church is NOT a place for socializing.
  • The church is NOT a dating facilitator.
So, then a person might ask, “How do you know the church is not supposed to be these things?”          continue...

2019 Southern Region Meeting:
Feb 15, 2019



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Brokenhearted & Evil

Broken Heart

   Someone you hold dear to your heart dies. It doesn't matter who it is; husband, father, wife, grandmother, son or daughter, It is never easy. As a matter of fact it is just downright hard!

You are left with the memory of their life. The sound of their voice will forever remain in your ears. Their smell will come upon you and even sometimes it might seem as if they are still right there, next to you, sharing a touch, smile or even a laugh!

It is up to you, to bring your life back into some type of normalcy, even though a person that was dear to your heart in every way, is no longer with you.

How can this be done? What kind of direction can we find to guide us on our daily path, with a hole in our heart?                  continue...

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