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2021 Southern Region Meeting
Fairview Church of Christ in Oxford, AL

              Gospel Singing
               Feb 18, 2021
                   7:00 pm
            Feb 19, 2021
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The Long Run

Posted By on September 28, 2019

DSC_0107 resizeAs I sit here watching my son practice for competitive cross country, I can’t help but think about 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. This passage parallels the physical and spiritual race, with the Apostle Paul comparing the obtaining of a heavenly prize, to a physical one. I’ve never really given the competition aspect much thought. I’ve always just moved straight to the concept of the race itself. Is it a competition? Well no, at least not in the same way we might consider sports competitions today. Those types of competitions are combative in nature. Certainly we expect good sportsmanship, but still, you are literally attempting to out-do, in this case out-run, all of the other competitors. The Church is not so. (more…)

Be Encouraged in the Lord Your God!

Posted By on September 20, 2019

DavidtheShepherdBoyDavid, King of Israel lived a very tumultuous life. From shepherd boy to God’s anointed king as a youth, to personal musician to King Saul, slayer of giants, and then captain over a thousand men; his rise was meteoric. Eventually though, King Saul comes to fear David and that fear leads Saul to try and kill him. He escapes with the help of his very good friend, and ironically, Saul’s son Jonathan.


A Difference Maker

Posted By on September 14, 2019

open bibleIn Ezra 7:10 the Bible says, “For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments.” Most would agree that Ezra was a difference maker.  Exactly what did he do in order to accomplish the things he did?  In the above passage we find he fully prepared his heart to seek the Lord, thus he was able to be a godly reformer.

Ezra had three fundamental attributes that made him what he was: seeking the law, obeying the law and teaching others.  His commitment to these made him the great reformer he was.  We too can have these attributes and be a difference maker. (more…)

Exhorting those who Exhort

Posted By on September 3, 2019

ShacklesIn Acts 20, Paul sails from Macedonia toward Jerusalem where shackles, chains, and an angry Jewish mob patiently await his arrival.  Along the way, he finds himself in Miletus.  He sends word to the elders of the church at Ephesus that he desires to see them. The elders come to Miletus and meet with Paul for one final time.  There were many tears shed at this final meeting (Acts 20:37-38).  Goodbyes are always difficult.  The closing words of any final farewell always have a way of penetrating deep into a person’s heart and mind.  God knew this (He knows everything-Ps. 147:5).  Thus the Spirit took advantage of this final farewell and delivered an urgent message through Paul’s inspired mouth.  It was an important message for the Ephesian elders, but it’s also an important message for the elders of the church today. (more…)

What is on your bucket list?

Posted By on September 21, 2018

Carpe Diem, seize the day. YOLO, You Only Live Once…

Things really haven’t changed a whole lot the last 2023 years, despite the advances in technology. From Horace’s penned adage in his 23 BC work, “Odes1” to Drake’s in his album, “Take Care” of 20112. The human race has been forever trying to grab and hold on to every moment this life has to offer and live it to its fullest.

If you knew that you had only a few short days left of your life, what would you do? Would you live out your remaining hours fulfilling your ultimate dream? Would you seize the day, as it were, taking full advantage of all the luxuries that life has to offer?

The Path of Acquiescence

Posted By on August 20, 2018

20180820_194847I am very concerned about where we might find ourselves someday if we drift down the path of acquiescence.  Acquiescence is a term commonly used in legal circles. In layman’s terms, it’s permission given by silence or passiveness, or, acceptance or agreement by keeping quiet or by not making objections.  For example, if my neighbor builds a fence on my property and subsequently uses, keeps, and maintains that ground for an extended period of time, without any objection on my part, under certain conditions, an unofficial, unwritten change in ownership occurs.  The official change in ownership can be made by a judge’s ruling in a court of law.  This is not uncommon in the realm of real estate law.


What Kind of Vessel Are You?

Posted By on January 9, 2018

In Jer. 18:1-10 God told the prophet to observe the potter’s work with clay. He made a comparison between what a potter does with clay and how God sought to shape His people. This joins with other passages that compare us to vessels fashioned at the potter’s wheel. What kind of vessel are you? (more…)

So you want to go to heaven…

Posted By on June 16, 2017

So there’s a guy named Johnny. Johnny is a pretty busy guy. Johnny has a family, Johnny has friends, Johnny has a job, and Johnny has things that he likes to do. Like I said, he’s a busy guy. Moreover, Johnny really wants to go to heaven, so Johnny even spends time going to church at least once a week. Johnny goes to church for the one to three hours a week, enjoys talking to some of the church friends and family, and then goes back home and to work to try and do his best the rest of the time when Johnny is with friends or family doing the things he likes or sometimes doesn’t like to do. Like I said, Johnny really wants to go to heaven. Or so he thinks.

You see, Johnny goes to church, but the rest of the 165 hours in a week, spends more time with people not in the church than with people in the church. Johnny takes the moments he has free to spend time with some coworkers, to pick up an extra job to pay for some nicer toys, or to just do things he likes to do leisurely. However, Johnny rarely takes the time to spend time with some of the people from church. He doesn’t try and hang out with them on free occasions, he doesn’t try and have a Bible study with them when he has time, and he almost never goes out of his way to see them. So even though Johnny thinks he really wants to go to Heaven, his actions seem to indicate otherwise. I mean, if Johnny really wanted to go to Heaven, why doesn’t he enjoy or pursue spending time with the people he’s going to be spending eternity with in Heaven? (more…)

Are You Sure?

Posted By on June 10, 2017

What if one day you realized everything you ever believed was wrong?
flat earth

Such a thing would be equivalent to finding out the earth was round instead of flat. This is not too far fetched. There is such a thing as the Flat Earth Society. These individuals believe that a round earth is a hoax that has been perpetuated on the public for various reasons. Anyone that has espoused space travel is involved in a conspiracy. The United States and Russia were so heavily involved with winning the Space Race, “that each faked their accomplishments in an attempt to keep pace with the other’s supposed achievements (Frequently Asked Questions – The Flat Earth Wiki).” (more…)

God’s Grace

Posted By on June 3, 2017

biblePaul’s epistle to the Romans. Wow! What an amazing letter. In the Roman letter, Paul seeks the occasion to refute a rumor pertaining to his view and handling of God’s grace. The theory of God’s grace is being perverted today just as much as it was in Paul’s day. An examination of Rom. 3:1-8 reveals the heart of this perversion. In Paul’s day, some were arguing (wrongly) that man’s unrighteousness brings out God’s righteousness more clearly. Therefore, the unrighteous do God a service in their unrighteousness. Therefore, God is unjust in bringing His wrath upon the unrighteous since they do Him a service. Again, in Rom. 6:1, some had concluded that sin was really bad, but grace was really, really good, so much so that grace was twice as good as sin was bad. Therefore, they conclude, let us sin abundantly so that we might receive a double portion of God’s grace. Paul’s reply to such a perverse theory: “God forbid!” (more…)