What Kind of Vessel Are You?

| January 9, 2018

In Jer. 18:1-10 God told the prophet to observe the potter’s work with clay. He made a comparison between what a potter does with clay and how God sought to shape His people. This joins with other passages that compare us to vessels fashioned at the potter’s wheel. What kind of vessel are you?

Are You Sure?

| June 10, 2017

What if one day you realized everything you ever believed was wrong? Such a thing would be equivalent to finding out the earth was round instead of flat. This is not too far fetched. There is such a thing as the Flat Earth Society. These individuals believe that a round earth is a hoax that […]

God’s Grace

| June 3, 2017

Paul’s epistle to the Romans. Wow! What an amazing letter. In the Roman letter, Paul seeks the occasion to refute a rumor pertaining to his view and handling of God’s grace. The theory of God’s grace is being perverted today just as much as it was in Paul’s day. An examination of Rom. 3:1-8 reveals […]

One Ounce At A Time

| May 27, 2017

My brother-in-law Marty is an outdoor sports enthusiast. Along with endurance running, he has hiked 148+ miles of the Appalachian Trail that begins at Springer Mountain, Georgia and ends 2200 miles north at Mount Katahdin, Maine. We were discussing his hiking adventures and I asked him about his backpack; how he packed it and what […]


| January 17, 2016

Someone you hold dear to your heart dies. It doesn’t matter who it is; husband, father, wife, grandmother, son or daughter, It is never easy. As a matter of fact it is just downright hard! You are left with the memory of their life.  The sound of their voice will forever remain in your ears. Their smell will […]

Christi’s Albino Chicken

| January 19, 2014

Let me tell you about the first time my lovely bride cooked for me… Actually she cooked for me and her daddy, but I like to tell everyone it was her first meal for me… We were still in the dating stage of our relationship, and for some reason Christi’s mother was out of town. […]

Walk Honestly

| January 7, 2014

In the Gospel of John chapter 13 and verse 35,Jesus tells his disciples (and by extension us) how to let the world know that we belong to him. “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if you have love one to another.” This is a really easy passage of scripture to […]


| November 6, 2013

In Philippians the second chapter and verse 15, Paul tells the Philippians that they should be blameless and harmless. Christ told his disciples that they should be harmless as doves in Matthew 10:16. This same Greek word is used in Romans the 16th chapter and verse 19, when the Romans are exhorted to be “simple” […]

My Better Half

| February 8, 2013

I have a better half. I met me wife on a sunny day in September of 1985. You can find a narrative of that story hear: Stupefaction (don’t ask me why I named it that… and no, it is not a word, I know…). I don’t know if there is another man that can be blessed […]

Love Is Work

| February 3, 2013

  After reading this wonderful post by my good friend Becky Preston, I was inspired to add another entry to my own blog. Before reading mine, I really encourage you to read her’s. You can find it here: Holding Hands From a very young age I made it very clear to my boys, that they should […]