A Fortunate Guy

Not too long ago, MawMaw, Christi’s Grandmother Shaddix was placed in the hospital. At first we thought it was going to be an in, and then out, type of stay; but we found out that it was too be much more extensive than that. A couple of weeks was her tenure there and at one point I personally was beginning to feel a little depressed that she would not get out. Praise God, that she was able to, and if she  is not 100 percent today, she is much better than she was when she went in.

Whenever my emotions start to get the best of me, I find writing as a great source of release. There is something about awakening the creative side of the brain and exercising it, that helps ease the emotional tension.  What follows is a Poem that I wrote for MawMaw in the midst of this particular hospital stay. I hope you too can find some joy in it.

A Fortunate Guy

I am no doubt a fortunate guy. Three grandmothers I’ve had, and that is no lie.

Ouida was there at the time of my birth. A wonderful woman, filled with such mirth.







Mary helped mold me to the man I’ve become. Her compassion and wisdom could not be outdone.







Now I have Imogene, who loves without question. Pushing and prodding, without aggression.

Imogene inspires me to be a better man. With confidence in me, stating, I can.

There never seems to be question or doubt, that no matter what happens, I’ll find the route.




Grandmother nurtured my health very young. Granny’s wisdom rolled off her tongue.

MawMaw, you nurture my spiritual health. The wisdom you share, has so much wealth!

Thank you for loving and taking me in, as part of your brood, like a mother hen.

Please accept these words I impart. For these words of mine, come deep from the heart!


Copyright 2011 Max A. Gaskins


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