I make the turn down our road, fish-tailing my little Datsun with glee, slowing down quickly before my car is in view of my ever watchful father.

When I hit the creosote bridge it sounds out a thump-thump-thump-thump-thump, in quick succession. My hand, and left foot work in unison, gearing down again into second for the slight climb to our abode. Dust roils around me as I pull into my designated parking space, so I sit for just a moment, then pull up my hand break, turn the ignition off and climb out.

I enter the back door, walk through the kitchen and living room, to the back of our house where my bedroom is situated and dump all of my school stuff on the floor. It is at this point my stomach rumbles.

I immediately go back through the house and head to Granny’s. The numerous dogs that we own rush toward me; so I begin jumping and running, playing our special game of tag.

When I reach her house, I bound up the steps, then knock; even as I open the door, stepping inside. Granny’s home is warm and comfortable as always and she is sitting at her kitchen table shuffling a deck of cards, getting ready for our, somewhat, daily game of Gin Rummy. Walking over to her,I give her a big hug; my stomach again betraying my hunger. She laughs, halfway hugging me back from her sitting position and tells me there is food on the stove and that I am welcome to it. Sauntering over to her counter, my mouth waters as I look at a heavenly sight.

Sitting in a pan is a plate full of fried steak strips. Their aroma is still evident and I start stuffing them into my mouth wolfing them down as fast as I can. My mouth is full as I find a glass and poor myself some milk, when Granny berates me and instructs me to get a plate and stop eating strait out of the pan.

Since I had already eaten half of her leftovers, I tell her I have had enough, thank you, and those were the best steak strips I have ever eaten. She chuckles bobbing up and down, then tells me that was not steak but liver…

I am shocked and really not sure how I should react.

She has never lied to me before, even in fun, so there is no way she would be pulling my leg; but liver?

I hate liver!

From that point on, although liver is not one of my favorite meals, if I can imagine myself in my Granny’s kitchen eating hers, I can eat anyones.


No matter how engrossed we are in our habits, whether they be things that we detest or love, we can change!  What determines our change, is our need.  2 Corinthians 7:10 tells us, “Godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation…” If we want it bad enough. We will attain it….

I would like to challenge you to find one thing about your life, that is keeping you from having a closer relationship with God. When you pinpoint the one you want to work on; pray. Pray for His strength. Pray for His guidance. Pray for His understanding. Proverbs 2:6 reads, “For the Lord giveth wisdom; out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.”

May God bless us all, as we endeavor to continually change into a more devoted follower of His…



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