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 In The Beginning  Justin K. Springer
 Harmonizing Faith and Reason  Larry A. Fambrough
 Faith is Substance and Evidence  Ty Fleming
 The Validity of the Bible  Justin K. Springer
 Misconceptions About Jesus Christ  Larry A. Fambrough
 Misconceptions About the Bible  Justin K. Springer
 Christian Faith & Evolution - Are They Compatible  Larry A. Fambrough
 In the Day of These Kings  Justin K. Springer
 A Kingdom Which Shall Not Be Destroyed  Justin K. Springer
 Misconceptions About Truth - Moral Relativism  Larry A. Fambrough
 Misconceptions About Truth - Religious Pluralism  Larry A. Fambrough
 Evolution vs. Scientific Law  Larry A. Fambrough
 What Does the Bible Say About Premarital Sex ?  Larry A. Fambrough
 The Role of Faith in Pain and Suffering  Larry A. Fambrough
 Is Christ Deity ?  Larry A. Fambrough
 What Think Ye About Christ ?  Larry A. Fambrough
 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - The Apperances of Christ  Larry A. Fambrough
 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - The Empty Tomb  Larry A. Fambrough
 Archaeology and the Bible - The Patriarchal Period  David E. Minson
 Archaeology and the Bible - The Conquest and Judges  David E. Minson
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