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 There is a famine in the land...  Mark Parkhurst
 The Church Universal and the Church Local  Mark Parkhurst
 Warning  G. Bedwell
 Are you tired of marriage?  Von Hall Jr.
 The Glory Road  Mark Parkhurst
 Judging  Lindeal Greer
 The Pearl of Great Price  Mark Parkhurst
 Our Labor  Mark Parkhurst
 Is there a profit in sheep herding?  Mark Parkhurst
 Do you remember?  Mark Parkhurst
 The Law of Exclusion  Lindeal Greer
 Are you Spirit led?  Mark Parkhurst
 Our Fellowship  Mark Parkhurst
 The Blood of Jesus  Lindeal Greer
 Sugar Coat or Speak the Truth  Mark Parkhurst
 A Crown Without the Thorns  Mark Parkhurst
 An Investment  Daniel Kelley
 God Is  Jared Kirby
 The Peace Messiah Brings  David Earl Minson
 The challenge of the 21st century  Mark Parkhurst
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