So you want to go to heaven…

| June 16, 2017

So there’s a guy named Johnny. Johnny is a pretty busy guy. Johnny has a family, Johnny has friends, Johnny has a job, and Johnny has things that he likes to do. Like I said, he’s a busy guy. Moreover, Johnny really wants to go to heaven, so Johnny even spends time going to church […]

God’s Grace

| June 3, 2017

Paul’s epistle to the Romans. Wow! What an amazing letter. In the Roman letter, Paul seeks the occasion to refute a rumor pertaining to his view and handling of God’s grace. The theory of God’s grace is being perverted today just as much as it was in Paul’s day. An examination of Rom. 3:1-8 reveals […]

Faith That Defies Logic

| May 22, 2017

One particular day we (me and my dad) were walking with my uncle Allen and my best friend Wayne (cousin, I had one on every block). The Rincon branch flowed through the town and along the property of my uncle William. The water reminded me of the color of tea: however, you could still see […]

Perspective Is The Key!

| February 22, 2016

Our attitude upon studying (even reading) God’s word is going to be the sum total of what we get out of it. So many times we are looking for something in particular; maybe an answered prayer, or divine direction of a path we need to take, that we don’t, or can’t see what is right […]

Destination or Journey?

| October 11, 2011

On May 20th of this year, one of my favorite movies was released. Actually it was the fourth movie in one of my favorite series. Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Press Toward The Mark

| February 26, 2011

As we head to Dustin’s first track meet of the year, I can’t help but think back on the days of my youth and the wonderful times I had at track meets. Every time my mind wanders back to those days, I get a warm feeling in my heart. That warmth is not a product […]

Connecting At Bedtime

| February 22, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take!

Words Are Not Enough

| February 7, 2011

One of the best things about God’s word is its infallibility. Where we will make a mistake with tone, or wording; His word does not. When we might misjudge a situation and speak inappropriately; His word is appropriate and is what we will be judged by. He instructs that we should keep it simple (Mt. […]

You Are Special

| January 30, 2011

Special people deserve special words and we are all special. If that was not so, He would not have sent his son to suffer and die for us all. To avail ourselves of this great blessing, we are required to conduct ourselves in a manner that would please Him. Jesus himself, tells us that if […]

Birthday Wishes

| January 29, 2011

One of the biggest challenges of keeping a blog, is keeping the material fresh. It takes a lot of discipline as well as a lot of new ideas. On both accounts, I have a lot of room to grow. So, to follow up with the advice I’ve been given, I’ve decided to expand this blog […]