Around and Around…

That first day we woke up early, assembled the men and began to walk. We walked, not saying a single word, hearing only the blare of trumpets behind us. I could tell the men were excited and ready!

The second day we again rose early and began our trek. The warriors with me were anxious, but still they spoke not a word. The sounds of feet hitting the dry soil was a beat to the trumpets as the horns made their noise of exultation.

The third day, the men obeyed the word of the Lord and kept their silence as we trudged in a great circle. They were not as quick to accomplish their route as they had been the previous days, but I understood. The dust we stirred up by our constant pounding, gave the trumpets sound a visible presence. It was almost as if God’s fingers moved out towards the city trying to grab hold of it. 

The fourth day was uneventful, except for the grumbling of a few men here and there, before our trek began. Gratefully these men were silenced before we started our march around and around. The wind picked up on this fourth day and the dust turned into a hand, that seemed to wrap around the city in a massive grip as the trumpets made their beautiful noise.

We began to get tired on the fifth day. Thankfully there was no grumbling. The night of the previous day I had to visit some of the more stubborn men and remind them their grumbling was of no benefit to our cause. You could tell the men were getting tired as the dust swirled even more in a stronger wind. It lifted up from the ground, getting into our mouths, noses and eyes. The trumpets blare turned into a bleat, the priests lips beginning to give out. God’s hand turned into an indistinct cloud as it moved towards and around the city.

On the sixth day, we had renewed vigor! After meeting with the captains of the men, we enforced an earlier curfew for rest, the night before. Our work was just beginning!  As we beat the dirt beneath our feet the sound of the trumpets and the ever increasing wind seemed to form the dust storm into two hands, enveloping the city.

As I look back on this day, the seventh day; I can only feel gratitude and love towards my extended family. We began early in the morning on our first circuit around Jericho. By the time we had compassed the city three times, I could tell that the men were getting tired and the sounds of the trumpets were getting fainter  but as we made that fourth pass, I knew we would accomplish what The Lord God had tasked us to do!

Men became stronger in their step. Trumpets became louder and the dust that we pounded into the air began to take form and shape as the wind became stronger and stronger.

As we made our last circuit, the men who had given their all in this monotonous march, were ready to shout!

As the trumpets gave out their final note, my ears thumped with the sound of nothing as the dust seemed to form into two giant fists. At my command, all of the pent up frustration and tiredness of the last six days was expelled in a sound the world had never heard, as all of the men let loose their voice in glory to God! The wind became a tempest and what seemed to be both fists of God, descended upon the walls of Jericho with a might thump… and then there was nothing.

The city has now been taken, praise be to God! I can’t help but be thankful for the strength of so many mighty men. For they did nothing more and nothing less than what God had commanded of them.


(the previous thoughts are an attempt to create a visual representation of Joshua Chapter 6)


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